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Annual meeting of our observers - 2013


Our Amphibian and Reptile Mapping Program continued to be successful in 2013, as our volunteers uploaded 2639 observations to our website, gathering nearly 17.000 data records on Hungary's herpetofauna during the last 3 years of our website's operation. In the past year we had 128 newly registered accounts, out of them 88 surveyors uploaded at least one observation. So far we had 416 registered surveyors, who shared observations out of the 588 registered accounts. The most records (1888) was received on Agile Frog, while the most common reptile species is Wall Lizard (1496). We received several observations (98) on the Amphibian of the Year - 2013, the Spadefoot Toad, but more importantly there were many connected events. Good sign for the future, that the most observed reptile species for 2013 was the European Pond Turtle (331), which is the selected Reptile of the Year - 2014. 

Our most active surveyors were awarded on the meeting of 14th December, which event is reported in more details on the website of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME. In addition you can see here a selection of pictures taken on the event:




Our annual meeting in the Tropicarium

(photo: Bálint Halpern)