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"Fire salamander" drawing contest

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME announces again a drawing contest about the Amphibian of the Year 2019 with the title "The exotique amphibian of our shady forest, the Fire... TOVÁBB

Amphibian of the Year 2019: the Fire Salamander

We chose the Fire salamander, this exotic-looking inhabitant of our humid forests, as Amphibian of the Year 2019. We revealed more details about the background of this selection and our plans of the... TOVÁBB

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Reptile of the Year 2018: the Common lizard

Amphibian and Reptile Group of MME selected Common lizard as Reptile of the Year 2018. You may read... TOVÁBB

Best photo records of 2017

We awarded our most active users on our end of the year meeting. We selected 50 best photos,... TOVÁBB

We published our android App!

We finally published our App for Android smart phones: "Herpterkep". We do hope it will increase... TOVÁBB

Amphibian of the year 2017: the Marsh frog!

Amphibian and Reptile Consevation Group of MME announced the Amphibian of the Year 2017: the Marsh... TOVÁBB

Best pictures of 2016

We awarded our most active users again on our end of the year meeting. We selected the best 50... TOVÁBB

Reptile of the Year in 2016: the Dice Snake

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME announced the Reptile of the Year 2016: the dice... TOVÁBB

Best herp pictures of 2015

Gyula Ludányi was awarded as the best picture of 2015 for his portrait of a male green... TOVÁBB

Annual meeting of ARCG

This year Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME held its annual meeting in the... TOVÁBB

Results of the crested newts drawing contest

We announced the results of our drawing contest about crested newts. There were 4 categories... TOVÁBB

Herp-picture of the Year in 2014

The portrait of a Tree frog by Patrik Katona was awarded the "Herp-picture of the Year"... TOVÁBB

We had our annual meeting

We held our annual meeting on 14th December at the Hungarian Natural History Museum. You may read... TOVÁBB

Amphibian of the Year 2015: Danube crested newt

The Danube crested newt (Triturus dobrogicus) was selected by the Amhpibian and Reptile... TOVÁBB

Young turtles leaving their nests due to warm weather

It seems that warm weather in November brought some juvenile European pond turtles to the surface,... TOVÁBB

Winners of the drawing contest

Our drawing contest "Reptile of the Year: the European pond turtle” is officially closed. We... TOVÁBB

Reptile of the Year 2014: European Pond Turtle

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME Birdlife Hungary has selected the Reptile of... TOVÁBB

Annual meeting of our observers - 2013

Our Amphibian and Reptile Mapping Program continued to be successful in 2013, as our... TOVÁBB

We selected the best photos again

The best photo award was given to Marietta Tóth in 2013 for her picture on two figthing male... TOVÁBB

We hold our annual meeting in Budapest Zoo

Like last year, we held our annual meeting in Budapest Zoo, where we awarded our observers in... TOVÁBB

Calendar was made out of nicest photos of 2012!

As we received many nice pictures in 2012, we made a selection out of them and prepared a calendar... TOVÁBB

Best observation photos

We selected the nicest or most interesting photos uploaded with the observations. You can see the... TOVÁBB

Awarded mapping volunteers

We received observations from 178 volunteers. Some only reported one observation (27%), while 46%... TOVÁBB

Results of the first year of mapping

As the end of the field-season is approaching we summarised results of the first year of operation.... TOVÁBB

Upload a photo to your observation!!!

So far only 10% of the shared observations on National Amphibian and Reptile Mapping Program... TOVÁBB

Green true frog (Pelophylax sp.) data

Based on their morphological characters it is fairly difficult to make a distinction between the... TOVÁBB

A new website is started for Mapping Amphibians and Reptiles

We started our online amphibian and reptile mapping database. Anyone can share and upload... TOVÁBB

Amphibians are ready to emerge from hibernation

Mild weather of the end of January brought some fire salamanders to the surface. From several... TOVÁBB

Small pond survey in Pilis

On 16th April we visited small ponds in Pilis in order to survey their herpetofauna. We are looking... TOVÁBB

Mapping the herpetofauna of Budapest

As a integrated part of national survey we started the Mapping of Budapest's herpetofauna. We are... TOVÁBB

Website of ARCG MME is renewed

The website of Amphibian and Reptile Cosnervation Group of MME BirdLife Hungary is completely... TOVÁBB