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Awarded mapping volunteers


We received observations from 178 volunteers. Some only reported one observation (27%), while 46% of our volunteers shared 2-10 data points, 21,5 % of them uploaded 11-50 data points, while 5,5 % of them shared 50-100 or more observations. Some of them were active throughout the whole season, enriching our knowledge on the distribution of amphibians and reptiles. Some volunteers took the responsibility to map a whole area, and provided useful data on these previously "white patches". We would like to reward our most active observers for their hard work. So in 2011 those who will be awarded are as follows:


Ferenc Deutsch         
Patrik Katona       
Ferenc Kecskés       
László Patkó    
Attila László Péntek 
Nikola Rahmé 
Tibor Somlai 
Zsolt Szabó   
János Ujszegi 
Adrienn Virág 


Congratulations to all awarded observers, who will receive their awards on the meeting of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Group of MME, set for 3rd December. Details of the meeting is described in the invitation letter, sent to all our surveyors.

Distribution of observations per observers